Strategic planning & freewheeling opportunism

Oh well, I suppose to study at the moment. But something that taught at class 2 days ago, when I attend Business Analysis class, it just caught my mind now. Actually it was something the tutor said, but it is relevant to the syllabus.

So, there are two types of personality, let's say to apply this in reality life (actually in my study, should be applied to business analysis). 1st is strategic planning (rational model) and secondly is freewheeling opportunism.

1. For strategic planning, it is a personality of a person who set goal in life, where he or she wants to be in next few years, or what he or she wants to achieve. This type of personality will follow the plan and route.

2. About freewheeling opportunism, this type of personality just grab whatever chances or opportunities that arise. There are no goal set in advance.

The 2nd personality could be sound like me, where I will grab chances or opportunities that arise. But still I have some goal in my life. Hence, it is lingering in my mind which personality could I be...


  1. Haha both have their advantages,maybe mixing both are the best :D

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